Below is a brief description of some of the methods we offer, along with the approximate time it takes to install (full head) and how long they last. Please remember that these are approximations since everybody’s hair is different and may take a little more or less time than others.

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MicroLinks are individual pieces that are applied to the hair clamping a small round bead. This method can be tightened up. This method is great for style versatility. And typically better for thicker and stronger texture.

Starts at $85 / 25 pieces / $425 full head which includes 1 free bundle

Keratin are individual strands that are attached to your hair using a special keratin heating tool to bond the strands to your hair. This method is great for a full natural look. Great for style and versatility.

Starts at $85 / 25 pieces / $425 full head which includes 1 free bundle

The tape in method is weft hair about 1.5”-3” (depends on the brand) in width. These lay very flat to the head and are a great choice for someone who has fine and or fragile hair. The hair is reusable.

Starts at $70/row (3 pieces) / $225 full head (1 pack)

The Beaded sew in (also referred to as the Braidless sew in/tracks) is done by sewing wefted hair onto your hair that has been anchored with beads. With this method you are able to get a tighten up. This hair is reusable and is great for any texture.

Starts at $95/row / $285 full head (5 rows)

Partial extensions are sewn-in with a net (optional) leaving a large portion (edges, nape and crown) of your natural hair exposed. Any length extensions can be applied.Full extensions are applied (with choice of closure) with little none of the natural hair exposed. Any length extensions can be applied.

Partial sew in starts at $225 / full sew in starts at $285

We make custom clip ins by attaching small comb like clips to weft hair. This method is perfect for those who just wants to add some length and fullness for a special day, maybe a photo shoot, a wedding, a special event, or maybe for someone who wants to try extensions out before committing to a permanent installation.

Install w/ Style Starts at $125 to $140 / Custom Made Starts at $95 to $115 (includes install)

We make custom wigs using weft hair, with or without a lace closures. Feel free to bring in your own hair or come on in to check out the hair we have in stock. We carry high quality Indian hair in various textures, lengths and colors.

custom made starts at $475

Base $95
All Over Color $125
Toner $60
Highlights per bundle $85
Color Correction $200+
Highlights $175/$195
Beach/Tone $125
Base per bundle $75
Balayage $200+
Fashion colors $200+

Starts at $250



Starts at $85

Starts at $65




Starts at $30

Starts at $45

Starts at $5/ea

Starts at $75

Starts at $50

Starts at $45